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Birthday Wednesday 5: The Perfect Bookish Birthday

May 25, 2011

It’s my birthday! I’m old(er) now. Go me! Today I will continue to frolic at the Book Expo. Frolic? Did I say frolic? I meant network! Yes… very businesslike! Industry trade show! (booooooooooooks. Delicious delicious books!)

I count myself lucky that I have such a smart, funny, loving crowd of friends, and a close family.  And my favorite way to spend my birthday is at a big crowded table full of nice people, everyone talking to each other and laughing.

Just to daydream, though…. If I could throw a party somewhere in fictionland, and get book characters to help me plan it, it would look something like this.

1. Location: I wish I could throw the party at Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon. It’s somewhat local! If it existed, it’d be on Long Island, and wow… what a party it would be! Puns, great piano, maybe an alien or two.

2.  Catered by: Pick a foodie novel from my shelf. Either Carmen and Gus from Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs, or Lillian of The School of Essential Ingredients.  Ceviche would definitely be on the menu.

3. Music By: Is it cheating to say, the Commitments? Since the movie made them a somewhat less fictional band. I have read the book by Roddy Doyle though!

4. Birthday Present From: Kit and Nita, of Diane Duane’s Young Wizards series. A present from somewhere, anywhere in the galaxy! What I really want is a wizardly “pocket” in another dimension where I could put stuff. Maybe then my closet would be organized.

5. Party Games By: Sam Westing, from The Westing Game. Also, possibly, fireworks.

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