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Book Expo is Over, Book Bloggers are Awesome

May 26, 2011

One last day on the exhibit floor of the Javits center today, wandering happily among booths, finding authors, publicists, librarians and book bloggers to talk to. And then, a great evening of getting to know book bloggers.

Not only do I have a stack of books almost as tall as I am (I checked!) after four days of bookish frolic… I will have so many book blogs to read, and new, bookish friends, both local and far-flung.

I’m trying to decide the best way to curate this, both for myself, and maybe for other book bloggers. I know I’m going to want to keep track of way more than I usually do, and connect with new people and I don’t want to get overwhelmed while I try to maintain new friendships.

Kind of makes me wish I’d done more than a cursory look at the concurrent Blog World Social Media conference going on downstairs from us. My Book Expo pass got me in, and I took a spin around the dealers’ room, but I think I was just too overwhelmed with books and new people to take in any information about blogging and social media strategy from the panels. Hoping I can follow up, or catch video or something.

Tomorrow, a day of Book Bloggers Only frolics. I’m still mulling over how to stay in touch and informed, once this week is over.

Oh, and I had a birthday! My parents somehow got tickets to The Book of Mormon, which is hilarious and obscene and funny and well done. It’s disconcerting, to say the least, to sit next to parents when big dance numbers include “F-you, God,” and the show-closing line is “I have maggots in my scrotum.” My parents may have been laughing louder than I was, though!

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  1. May 29, 2011 11:54 am

    It used to be that authors dreamed of reviews in the NYT Book Review, Washington Post etc. Of course, we all still do. But then there wasn’t all this groundswell of book lovers having this outlet called “a blog!’

    It was wonderful meeting so many book bloggers and reviewers at the BookExpo and HarperCollins events. It was wonderful to share the passion for the written word with like-minded people who read and review simply for the pleasure of it….


    Talia Carner
    (and previously CHINA DOLL and PUPPET CHILD)

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