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A Little Summer Romance

June 28, 2011

Last week, I read a very smart piece by Tamar Bihari, What’s Wrong With a Little Romance?

Millions of women read romance novels, a genre largely written by women. And romance novels are commonly dismissed, even condemned. Is there a connection between those two facts?

Seriously. Go read Tamar’s piece. It’s short, and raises some very smart points about women and men and publishing, and ideas about love.

This week is a big one for romance writers and romance readers! It’s the Romance Writers of America annual conference

Lauren Willig, the only romance writer I read consistently (and delightedly) is a finalist for a RITA award! My fingers are crossed for her.

Also- question for people who do read romance: If what I like is historical fiction with pithy banter, rather than “his dark, troubled stare” and swooning and “manhoods” all over the place… what should I be reading? Like I said, Lauren Willig is a huge favorite, and I’d love to read more Regency if the dialogue and adventure are also there.


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