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Kindle vs Color Nook: The Dithering

July 8, 2011

It’s coming time to give my mom back her Kindle. Picture me clutching said device to my chest and whimpering “Nooo! We likes our precious!”

I’m even getting used to the blinky e-ink screen. I remind myself to look away. I like turning pages with the push buttons. More than I thought I would.I like the matte screen. I don’t mind the dopey toggle navigation.

Soon, they tell me, the Kindle will do library books too.

And yet… a color Nook has more bang for your buck. (Pro tip: you can also read Kindle books on it!) And library books. But… those are prone to reserve scarcity in much the same way as real physical books, in a way that mystifies me. Licensing is a thing, apparently, the number of digital copies, and how often they can be lent. Weird. A Nook apparently cannot buy books internationally, and, I think, needs more computer interaction than a Kindle.

The international thing is only a thing in the later part of the summer, for me… I’ll be in Edinburgh for 3 weeks… and this is the first international travel I’m doing in a very long while. Something tells me I can load up enough books to keep me busy, ahead of time, if I commit to the Nook. Reading list: Sherlock Holmes, The Help, Fingersmith… Plus, not like they don’t have books there. And an entire book festival.

As someone who spends a good while pondering what color shirt to wear some mornings, I’m somewhat surprised I’ve narrowed the e-reader debates down to two models this quickly.

Kindle fans and Nook color fans! Argue for your favorites.


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  1. July 8, 2011 2:03 pm

    if i hadn’t opted for the ipad (on which you can read kindle and nook books) out of love for apple and desire for additional features that would save me from a laptop while traveling, i would have gone with the kindle.


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