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June Wrap Up: Halfway Through The Year

July 9, 2011

Big news! With Dad’s grand total of books coming to 27 and mine at 74… we’ve raised over $100 for the New York Public Library.  Jaye is setting her book dollars aside for the Brooklyn Public Library, which also needs love.

In June, as the New York budget came under review, with some severe funding cuts in store for the library, I was tempted to write a mid-year check for the money we’d raised. The library dodged a bullet… mostly.

On to what we read:

An interesting bookish month! I read my first book on the Kindle. And liked it! Not that I have any shortage of paper books to read. My Book Expo stack is taller than I am. Still.

Elizabeth’s Books: 12

  1. The Little Women Letters- Gabrielle Donnelly. 360 pages. Odd chick lit, imagining 21st century descendants of Louisa May Alcott’s March sisters. Took a while to grow on me. Finished 6/1
  2. I’m Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59. – Doug Edwards. Finished 6/3. 390 pages. Reviewing for the Ledger.
  3. Fenced- Jane Yolen, illustrated by Michael Cavallaro. 160 pages. Finished June 8. AMAZING!
  4. Fast Times in Palestine- Pamela J. Olson. Finished 6/16. BEA book. 371 pages. A fascinating memoir, taking a different look at life and travel in the Middle East than you might expect. It’s not about spiritual realization but common sense experience. Loved it.
  5. The Night Circus– Erin Morgenstern. Finished 6/17. BEA book. 384 pages. LOVED it! Amazing, wonderful story. Will not be able to blog til I finish just wanting to hug this book.
  6. The Taker– Alma Katsu. 448 pages. Finished 6/20. Historical fiction, woven with the supernatural, about romance and obsession. Rather dark.
  7. Stupid Fast-Geoff Herbach. Finished 6/23. 311 pages. YA from the perspective of a smartass kid who suddenly finds himself turning into a popular football jock. Really good grasp of the teenage boy voice!
  8. Season To Taste- Molly Birnbaum. Finished 6/24. ??? pages. My first read on a Kindle. Fascinating foodie memoir, about a would-be chef who loses her sense of smell, then has to figure out the new normal.
  9. The Throne of Fire: Kane Chronicles, Book 2- Rick Riordan. Finished 6/27. Also, started 6/27. A fast, fun Egyptian adventure.
  10. The Future of Us- Jay Asher. 6/29. Meh.
  11. When The Stars Go Blue- Caridad Ferrer. 6/28. An interesting take on Carmen, with dance elements, and well written YA.
  12. Creating a Meal You’ll Love- Mark Chimsky-Lustig. Food essays? Why, yes! Yes I think I will read the heck out of this! 6/27 Loved it. Of course.

Dad’s Books:

  1. Caleb’s Crossing- Geraldine Brooks
  2. Tears of Autumn- Charles McCarry
  3. Worth Dying For- Lee Childs

Jaye’s books:

For every book I read in 2011, I’m donating $1 to the New York Public Library.

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