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E-Reader Cage Match Gets Real: Testing

July 10, 2011

I have purchased a Color Nook.

Don’t get excited, people. It’s not like I’ve become decisive, or anything. No. Here is the plan. I have been test-driving the Kindle, and there are many things I like about it.

So it’s only fair to give the Color Nook a chance for a road test as well.

I can return it within 14 days for a refund.

So, let the games begin.

E-Reader Cage Match Time!

2 E-Readers Enter! The "cage" is my laundry cart. Tina Turner was unavailable for comment.


A bit cheating, as the Kindle I’ve been experimenting on came pre-set with my parents’ settings. But I’m not loving the setup for the Nook. I had to Google how to put my eNYPL Adobe Digital books on it. (Treat it like a USB device, attach computer).

And now I cannot download FREE Nook books without entering a credit card number, which is finicky to do, hunting and pecking numbers on a touch screen. Free books, people, what do you need my credit card for? Not entirely loving the “enter credit card number, on device I might be returning…” idea.

Verdict: Inconclusive (as did not set up trial Kindle)

But I have books, so time for the next test!


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