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E-Reader Cage Match Round 2: Here Comes The Sun!

July 11, 2011

So, I have almost 2 weeks to test the Color Nook. This afternoon, it had its most crucial test:


Couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for this field test. Gorgeous blue skies, a soft breeze. Exactly the sort of day I’d slather sunblock, pop on the shades, and find a sunny park with my book. I know Kindle’s e-ink can handle this kind of afternoon no problem.

So, I fired up the Nook with some good test cases: a Rizzoli and Isles short story and a Terry Pratchett novel. Thus far- no money spent. Hoping to keep it that way for the duration, until I’ve made a decision.

Shade/Some Sun: Nook functions well in the kind of dappled mostly-shade someone as pale as yours truly should sit in. It’s a little shiny on the surface, which takes some getting used to.

Could I get used to it? Not sure! It did sort of make for some squinting while I was setting the book up to read.

Reading was fine, if a little glassy-surfaced.

Direct Sun: Bad news! My favorite sort of lovely, warm, basking sun makes the Nook screen all glassy and mirrored and flashy. I can see myself in this book. And not in a literary interpretation kind of way.

Self Portrait, in Nook Screen! Boo!

Learning how to tilt and angle the screen cuts down the glare somewhat, but still, it impeded the reading experience.

I hear from Rachel, one of my guides through this Nook process, that there’s a special anti-glare screen you can get for $15. Didn’t hear about that in the store. Wonder if return policy applies to it + Nook. That might help.

Overall winner: Kindle

Round 3, Special Teams: Although not central to the experiment, I have also learned a few other neat things about the Nook.

There’s a free crossword app. I kind of love the touch screen manipulation, and the fake handwriting font.

Rachel just lent me a book! I’ll finally read The Hunger Games! (Book Blogger world stops in its tracks.)

So… I have discovered useful things. The shiny screen is very much not my favorite thing, but I do love the workings of the Nook. Remains to be seen if I get too distracted by its shiny toy possibilities to actually, ya know, read on it.

Winner: On the sheer number and variety of accessible options- the Nook Wins! Even before I root it, it has more going on than the Kindle. Not sure, as a reader, whether that’s a good thing, though….

Get ready for The Next Test: Bedtime reading!

I have 13 more days- what other tasks should I set myself on the Color Nook to see if it’s the e-reader for me? Any other battles I can wage against the Kindle?

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