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Trying to be systematic: Nook vs. Kindle continues.

July 14, 2011

Now that I’ve had a few days trying out a Nook, seeing what it can do… I’m still undecided.

Well, that was the sound of the Internet (or at least those denizens of it who know me well) being unsurprised. It surprises me how much I like each, for different reasons. I’ve had a couple of days with the Nook, been reading Terry Pratchett, downloaded from the library. Been poking around Calibre, too, which is a neat e-book conversion software thing, and will be useful no matter which reader/platform I ultimately call home.

Let’s try and break this down.
Both have:

  • A store I can buy books from, no matter where I am, including free books and bargains on the classics.
  • The ability to hold a ton of books and lighten my load. (though who are we kidding, I’ll still jam bags with e-Reader + 2 other books on any given day, because WHO KNOWS?)
  • Ability to listen to audiobooks on them. (This is why I cannot solve problems with a colorless Nook.)
  • Loyal tech support from my friends, who are varied between Team Kindle, Team Nook, and Team iPad.

Incidentally, if you search for “Kindle” in the Nook app store… you get porn. Lots and lots of porn and kinky books. Yikes!!!!

Why I Love the Kindle:

  1. E-ink is comfier, easier on my eyes, in a variety of lighting situations. Sunlight, corporate fluorescent, etc. Even with the blinky refresh thing!
  2. Better for reading before bed, because it’s bookish rather than a glowing screen.
  3. I like the position my hands are in to hold the book, and just lean a thumb to one side or the other to turn the page.
  4. Although it’s a little… angular, and was odd at first, I like the way I can take notes and highlight what I’m reading. This is useful to me as a book reviewer.
  5. Fewer apps mean it’s just a reader, which is good- fewer distractions! As it is, the Internet and various shiny things get me reading less.

Why I Love the Nook.

  1. Versatility- library books and Kindle and Nook and epub! Multiformat is useful to book reviewers as well as financially responsible.
  2. Specifically useful to book reviewers in that it makes NetGalley and GalleyGrab plausible for me without too many tech gymnastics. Might cut down on book clutter in my place!
  3. Lending books between friends is awesome, and communal, and saves money too. 
  4. Touch screen crossword puzzles! LOVE!
  5. Portable-computerness: email and Twitter and such, and still lighter than a book, easy to slip into my teeny bag. For someone who doesn’t have a smartphone, this is an advantage.

Lingering questions:

Is there a useful way to take notes on things I’m reading on the Nook? Like a text based sticky function?

How, exactly, can you get Kindle to work with other formats, ie for GalleyGrab and NetGalley?

When/how will the library get compatible with Amazon and the Kindle?

I’ve heard rumors that Kindle’s planning a new e-reader… if they release my perfect e-ink + versatile apps combo in 6 months, after I’ve bought an existing Kindle or Color Nook and dithered my head off, I’m going to be ticked!

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  1. July 17, 2011 4:47 pm

    Netgalley is already compatible with the Kindle. Galleygrab is not and because of the way library copies are formatted they are also not compatible with the Kindle

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