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Wednesday 5: Ideal Bookshelf

July 27, 2011

A recent find:

Ideal Bookshelf

Artist Jane Mount paints your ideal bookshelf: the spines of books you love, or books that identify you, or… however you choose them, the books that would be on Your Ideal Bookshelf.

As soon as I read about it… I was pretty sure I knew mine:

1. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. This cover, in particular.

2. Speaker for The Dead– Orson Scott Card. Was pretty much the reason I majored in anthropology.

3. Beauty– Robin McKinley. My favorite retelling of my favorite fairy tale. And an ode to bookish girls everywhere.

4. Poetry’s tougher- so many that I love have these skinny spines, hard to paint, I imagine. So… either Omeros, by Derek Walcott, or The Dream Songs, by John Berryman. Both ideal because I love the language, and because of the people who gave them to me.

5. A cookbook.  Jane Brody’s Good Food Book. It may not be sexy, but these are my go-to recipes, many I grew up with.

Of course, having made this list… there would be a few others I feel weird having left out. So… use them as bookends?

All Creatures Great and Small– James Herriot. I love these books. If audiobooks count as reading, I’ve read this almost as many times as I’ve read The Westing Game, by now.

Gentlemen of the Road– Michael Chabon. The first book I reviewed for the Ledger. Without which, this blog wouldn’t be here!

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