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Shag, Marry, Throw Off A Cliff: Books

August 4, 2011

Once in a while, the fannish corners of the Internet erupt in a discussion of Shag, Marry, Throw off a Cliff…

Here’s how it works. Pick 3 celebrities. Then, decide what category each fits. Here, John Barrowman explains. Moderately NSFW. British gents discussiong shagging, and all.

Know what else fits into three categories? Books! And… they fall into similar parameters.

Marry: The books I know I want to linger over, keep on my bookshelves, to have and to hold, to read and reread, to pack into boxes and haul around if I move. Books I love, and want to lend. (So okay, either the analogy suffers there… or it’s an open marriage? Lord… my parents read my blog.)

Examples: All the books I love to reread and loan out to people: The Ender Wiggin books, The Westing Game, Spider Robinson’s Callahan series. And some, where browsing is more fun than reading. Hoop Roots, by John Edgar Wideman, which I got from the library, but spent so much time enjoying individual lines, as if they were poetry, that I got distracted from reading the actual narrative. I renewed and renewed it, but ultimately did not finish it. Need to own it I think.

Shag: The books I spend time with, then never need to see again. Library books mostly. I read fast enough that some of them are, quite literally, one night stands. Nice, while they last, but don’t need to revisit or re-read. Most mysteries are here. Just read The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin. Interesting historical romance with all kinds of opulence and social scheming. I enjoyed it but I don’t need to read it again. So, back to the library it goes, and I didn’t ask for its phone number.

Throw Off A Cliff
: I have been known to throw books. Against walls, mostly, as it’s quite impractical to trundle them off to find a cliff to throw them over. Books I really hate. Mostly, I just don’t finish those books. Sometimes I yell at them. In a fit of poetic justice, given the dominant metaphor of the book… Catcher in The Rye is just such a book.

There are no flaws with this reviewing system. Of course, there’s more to say about each book, most of the time. But this covers the basics.

What do you think, should I redo my blog’s rating system? What books would you put in each category?

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