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July Book Roundup

August 9, 2011

Interesting reading month for me. Last month, I read my first Kindle book, and ultimately decided it was the e-reader for me. I tried reading on a Nook, got to know the library interface, and… eh.

Dad is sending his reading list in from Scotland, where he and Mom are gallivanting! I will join them at the end of the week, my suitcase practically svelte, as Kindle can hold any books I could think of bringing. My suitcase is likely to be less svelte on the way back… mmm Scottish bookstores!

Dad’s Books:

The Fry Chronicles- Stephen Fry

Greenmantle- John Buchan.

  1. Next To Love- Ellen Feldman. Finished 7/2. 291 pages. Interesting take on WWII fiction. Can’t decide whether it was unsentimental or really sentimental. It was really sentimental about the women’s friendships and relationships… but harsher about World War II and veterans’ realities than I usually see.
  2. Delirium- Lauren Oliver. Finished 7/3. 440 pages. An alternate reality (future) where love is known as the disease amor deliria, that is treated with science. Like a sort of… Handmaid’s Tale for junior readers. Apocalyptic feminism.
  3. Down the Mysterly River- Bill Willingham. Finished 7/6. 336 pages. By the author of Fables, a fantasy novel about an adventure with talking animals. Lovely. I bet it’d be great as an audiobook!
  4. Beauty Queens– Libba Bray. Finished 7/11. 396 pages. Hilarious, pop-culturey YA. Library book.
  5. The Twelfth Enchantment– David Liss. Finished 7/12. 441 pages. ARC from Random House. Loved it!
  6. Love Story– Jennifer Echols. 243 pages. Finished 7/12. ARC. meh.
  7. Does My Head Look Big In This?- Randa Abdel-Fattah. Finished 7/14. YA. Library book. 360 pages. Grabbed it for the title and the cover… a young Muslim girl decides to wear the hijab, to express the conviction of her faith. Funny as well as smart and heartfelt. I was impressed!
  8. Feet of Clay- Terry Pratchett. A novel of Discworld’s Guards. Read it on the Nook. Silly and fun to read, not sure I’m sold on the Nook screen, though. Finished 7/17.
  9. The Shattering- Karen Healey. 320 pages. Finished 7/20. Oh. MY GOD! Fantasy adventure, set in New Zealand. Grabbed me from page 1 and I devoured it. Loved it. May be one of my best of 2011.
  10. Strong Poison- Dorothy L. Sayers. 261 pages. Library book. Lisa recommended this. It was a mystery and it made me laugh! Whimsy from Wimsey. Definitely want to read more.
  11. Eureka: Road Less Traveled. Cris Ramsay. Finished 7/26. 262 pages
  12. Afternoon Delight: Why Soaps Still Matter- Carolyn Hinsey.  Finished 3/27. 317 pages. I’m not a soap fan but I loved this book! What fun!
  13. Knightley Academy- Violet Haberdasher (best pen name ever!) Finished 3/30. 469 pages. A romping fantasy YA adventure. Library book.
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