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Scotland Bound!

August 11, 2011

Tomorrow night, I’ll be on a plane to join my parents in Edinburgh.

I will be partaking of the Festival, the Fringe, the Book Festival… art, music, and books galore! Also, things like tatties and neeps and Arbroath skink. Those are foods. Not bizarre dance routines.

I’ll be blogging here about all my bookish adventures, and also on the trip blog my parents started to keep the family updated.

The Haggisview Report: Dad’s been blogging there already. Warning: Extreme punning and verbal silliness. (Yes, I’m proud to be his daughter.)

and did I mention THE BOOK FESTIVAL?

Weirdly, now that I have Kindle, I have my bag stuffed with books… and yet… curiously empty. Just a wee little device, crammed with more books than I will ever have time to read, even if I weren’t going to a city full of glorious bookstores and its own BOOK FESTIVAL!

I don’t know how to cope with so much space in my carry on.

Welcome to the digital age!

Also- there are no fonts big enough for this: I HAVE TICKETS TO SEE DOUGIE MACLEAN IN CONCERT! I have been wanting to see him live since I was in my teens. And now it’s going to happen. 

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