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Edinburgh, City of Literature

August 30, 2011

Yes, it’s true that one of the reasons I was excited to come to Edinburgh was for the books. A city of literary history: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle studied here, learning medicine from a professor who would inspire Sherlock Holmes. Ian Rankin and others write mysteries set in Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland, creating a place for a genre of mysteries called tartan noir. J.K. Rowling lives here.

It’s been called the City of Literature. And one of the reasons we timed our trip to Edinburgh for mid-August was the Book Festival in Charlotte Square.¬†Authors! Readings! Interesting panels! And books! Books! So many glorious books!

Even though I have a Kindle now, and keep telling myself to hold out and buy e-books more cheaply, to limit paper purchases to books I can only find in Scotland (a much smaller number, in this digitized cyber-shopping world) I think my fairly literary bent of tourism may mean a very, very, heavy suitcase.

I hope I have room to take home all my lovely new books.

I hope I have time to read them all.

Books! A month of theater and music! Delicious beer and cheese! Lovely, sooty architecture from the 18th and 19th century (and earlier.)

I love this city.

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