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Book Addiction, Who Us?

September 1, 2011

Signs that I am definitely not adopted. Here I am, with the books my family is taking home from Scotland.

We finally gave up. We went into a cheap goods store on Nicollson Street and bought a blue suitcase for $15, the better to haul at least some of the books we have found.

Yes. I come to a city of history, interesting beer, entirely new geography, its own language and variant accents, and museums… for the books and the bookstores. Of course, being at a books festival, with its lineup of interesting authors and its own bookshop, doesn’t help. Worth noting: Scottish mystery writer Louise Welsh, talked about traveling to North America with a spare suitcase so she can take books home with her! (Wonder what books she’s after!)

And that’s not even discussing the books I know I can get on my Kindle, and will, as soon as I’ve made at least somewhat of a dent in these lovely Scottish souvenirs.

Well, that’s at least one use for my jet lag.

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