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August Books Roundup

September 19, 2011

Books read in August spanned 2 reading devices (Jaye’s phone and my Kindle) and two continents, as the Willses took a trip to Scotland. We were there for the Edinburgh Book Festival… otherwise known as… an excuse to buy more books!

Elizabeth’s Book List: (This is the month I cracked 100 books, and have raised $100 for the library.)

  1. The Secret Prince- Violet Haberdasher. Finished 8/1/11, 503 pages. ARC from the author.
  2. The American Heiress- Daisy Goodwin. Finished 8/3 468 pages. library book.
  3. Nothing Daunted- Dorothy Wickenden. Finished 8/6. Library book. Meh.
  4. In A Treacherous Court- Michelle Diener. ARC from Simon and Schuster/ Gallery Books. 301 pages. Historical fiction set in Tudor England with painters, spies, intrigue and romance. LOVED IT.
  5. Dreams For Significant Girls– Cristina García. ARC from Simon and Schuster. Finished 8/10/11. 238 pages. Meh.
  6. Fingersmith- Sarah Waters. A warped historical fiction, with either love or tragedy or both. Hard to tell. Finished 8/15.
  7. Guards! Guards!- Terry Pratchett. Finished 8/17. For years, I’d been missing out on reading Terry Pratchett. The Guards novels tickle my funny bone in just the right way, though. This one had a dragon, and some interesting things to say about libraries, magic and physics. Next up, Men at Arms. Reading on Kindle.
  8. Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand- Helen Simonson. Finished 8/20. 400 pages. Cozy, well-mannered little British romance. Would love to see the movie, because curious who they would cast.
  9. All The Nice Girls- Joan Bakewell. Finished 8/21. 336 pages. WWII fiction, which, if it had just been that would have been fascinating, but there was a tedious modern flash-forward plot, with family secrets and high melodrama. Feh.
  10. Men at Arms– Terry Pratchett. Finished 8/22. Read on Kindle. Delightfully silly.
  11. Skinner’s Festival- Quintin Jardin. 406 pages. Finished 8/23. A free book handed out at the Book fest, a junky and insubstantial action mystery, fun to read among the relevant geography. Though I admit reading the Assembly Hall scene before bed gave me a nightmare.
  12. It Won’t Hurt a Bit- Jane Yeadon. A memoir of being a nursing student in the 60s. A fast, fun read that reminded me of Cherry Ames. With funny accents. Finished 8/23.
  13. The Complaints- Ian Rankin. 452 pages. Finished Aug 27th. Written and set in Edinburgh Scotland. Read, in Edinburgh, Scotland. A really interesting look at the inner workings of the police force, political character study, of who’s got info on whom, and machinations going on in their insular world and the city. Puzzles within puzzles, cleverly done. And I will be goddamned. I’ve read 100 books.
  14. The Keeper’s Daughter- Gill Arbuthnot. Finished 8/30. 425 pages. An excellent, imaginative YA fantasy novel, with myths, suspense, lore, angry gods, and a twist of the sort the genre doesn’t usually have. Reminded me of Tamora Pierce.

Dad’s Booklist:

  1. Fry Chronicles- Stephen Fry
  2. Naming the Bones- Louise Welsh. Bought in Scotland
  3. Caleb’s Crossing- Geraldine Brooks
  4. Raw Spirit- Iain Banks
  5. Greenmantle- John Buchan
  6. Tripwire- Lee Child
  7. The Hanging Shed- Gordon Ferris. Bought in Scotland.
  8. The Complaints- Ian Rankin. Bought in Scotland.
  9. Just my Type- Simon Garfield. Bought in Scotland
  10. Fleck- Alasdair Gray. Bought in Scotland.
  11. Lord of Misrule- Jaimy Gordon. I have also read this.
  12. Snowball in Hell- Christopher Brookmyre. Bought in Scotland
  13. Plugged- Eoin Colfer.
  14. A Literary Traveller in Edinburgh- Alan Foster.
  15. The Hanging Shed- Gordon Ferris.

Jaye’s Books: 10.

  1. Twilight – Stephanie Meyers
  2. Bloodhound – Tamora Pierce
  3. Ghost Story – Jim Butcher
  4. Smokin’ Seventeen – Janet Evanovich
  5. Assassination Vacation – Sarah Vowell
  6. From Dead to Worse – Charlaine Harris
  7. Dead and Gone – ditto
  8. All Together Dead – I may have had an OCD issue. Shut up. I’m better now.
  9. The Black Garden – Thomas de Waal
  10. The Heart of Valor – Tanya Huff

For every book I read in 2011, I’m donating $1 to the New York Public Library.

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