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Maker Faire

September 19, 2011

A giant metal dragon

On Saturday, I went to my first Maker Faire. It was fascinating, and really fun. I felt like a little kid, running around, staring at everything, and very impressed with the combination of technical craftsmanship, imagination and whimsy.

Extracting DNA from a strawberry, using meat tenderizer, salt, and soap.

I loved being able to stare at an art car covered in singing fish; walk a few yards, see someone extracting DNA from a strawberry using dish soap and meat tenderizer; gawk at a giant metal dragon sculpture; gape at an enormous Rube Goldberg mouse trap circus, and on and on!

The day combined science and craftiness and delightful silliness to terrific effect.

I had never seen a 3-D printer before. It blew my mind to watch plastic threads layering into a 3-D sculpture. As though it was being made out of thin air or magic.

A 3-D printer.

I am kicking myself for not taking proper pictures of some of the steampunk designs and people wearing interesting Victorian-inspired costumes. I think I need to learn more about steampunk. The aesthetic of wrought iron and Victoriana, (with a distinct whiff of brassy mad science) is just so beautiful.

Lisa took a ton of pictures, with her good designer’s eye for setting up shots, and her snazzy camera. Go look!

Ended the day seeing ArcAttack, who make music out of Tesla coils. They did the Dr. Who theme song, making me a very, very happy fangirl indeed.

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