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Interesting Things I’ve Read This Morning

September 22, 2011

All kinds of interesting things on the Internet today.

Is The Internet Turning Books Into Perpetual Works-in-Progress? from the New Republic. Richard North Patterson remembers the day he learned Osama bin Laden was dead… just days before Patterson published a novel in which bin Laden played a pivotal role. So… he went into the e-book and changed some of the passages. Not sure which bothers me more, Richard North Patterson’s bad action prose, or bouncing between said bad prose and mentions of Diderot and Shakespeare.

Over at BlogHer, there’s an interesting discussion going about school lunches, spurred by Amy Kalafa’s book, Lunch Wars. Do you remember what your school lunches were like?

And another BlogHer find: Bad Luck Detective went to the police academy at 50, and now shes’ a cop in a small Arizona town. She writes the funnier things that happen to her. This one with the gorilla nearly made me snort my coffee.

Also: Mick Jagger buys books at the Strand. (via the New York Post.)

Late entry- Dealbreaker: She’s the Wrong Kind of Smart. “Just as I have no physical “type,” I also don’t only date Murakami Chicks or Contemporary Memoir Girls or Girls Who Read Moby Dick Twice a Year. They all read, and they’re all smart.”

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