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Another Successful Book Swap

September 25, 2011

Again, many many thanks to Emily and Chris for organizing the book swap! It makes for a perfect afternoon. I arrived, laden with 2 gigantic bags of books. And I got to hang out with lovely friendly people I hadn’t seen in a while. And talk about books! And peruse books!
And eat tasty things!
Books, puns, conversations with nice people, tasty munchies. What else does an afternoon need?

Mindful of the giant stack of books I have at home, begging to be read, I tried to keep my own book taking to a minimum.

  1. The Callahan Chronicals– Spider Robinson. This will be my third copy of the book. But I always lend it to people, and I think it’s out of print again. So, useful!
  2. Instant Reflexology for Stress Relief. Ought to be subtitled: Foot rubs made even more awesome.
  3. Irish America: Coming into Clover. The Evolution of a People and a Culture. Dad will probably also want to read this.
  4. Brooklyn was Mine. An essay collection.
  5. A collection of ancient Japanese courtly love poems.
  6. The Good Thief, by Hannah Tinti. Because I’m a sucker for interesting fantasy YA.
  7. Uncertain Magic– Laura Kinsale. It’s a romance. It’s fluff. I make no apologies.
  8. An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England– Brock Clarke. Because, who could resist that title?


I have also already handed off two book acquisitions. After the book fest, I repaired to Isaac and Alex’s place, for a lovely dinner, and was able to bring an interesting vegetable cookbook and a graphic novel of Through a Scanner Darkly, books well suited to my hosts.

Looking from the Scotland books to the modest pile of book swap books… to the still-alarming pile of Book Expo books… good grief, I have a lot to read.

I feel this is a nice problem to have.

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