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Wednesday 5: 5 Books I Didn’t Think I’d Like

October 12, 2011

Whether it’s a book I immediately discount from its description, or a book I start, then give up on, only to devour later, I’m often pleasantly surprised by books I didn’t think I’d love quite so much.

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1. The Hunger Games series is uppermost in my mind for this list, this week. Dystopian apocalyptic setting? Violence, conspiracy, misery and tragedy? Not usually something I’d read on a bet! But I devoured the series in two days!

2. The Magician’s Guild trilogy, by Trudi Canavan. I must have picked the first book up and put it down four or five times, before I stuck it out and then couldn’t wait to read the rest.

3. The End of Fashion– Terri Agins. I read it when I was just starting to work on with fashion designer Brandon Graham. It was not only a good crash course in the current business of fashion, it turned out to be well written, interesting and gossipy.

4. Lunch Wars– Amy Kalafa. I read this for BlogHer Book Club and I was dubious at first. I don’t have kids, and I know that discussions about food politics can get heavy and worrisome. But, I found this book fascinating, and full of thoughtful, informative discussion.

5. How Did You Get This Number? Sloane Crossley Even though I had a review copy, I totally stalled reading this, I’m ashamed to admit. It was a collection of personal essays, sometimes awkward, sometimes funny… I enjoyed Crossley’s first collection, but then, couldn’t get into the second collection, initially. Until I read her essay about her sense of direction. Or lack thereof. And I decided I really wanted to hug the book.

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