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The Night Before the Read-A-Thon

October 21, 2011

With sincere apologies to Clement C. Moore…

T’was the eve of the Read-a-Thon and each in his or her house
Book bloggers connected by keyboard and mouse.
Their books and their munchies, selected with care
Arranged within reach of their big comfy chairs.
Sensibly early, they took to their beds,
With visions of novels dancing in their heads
For some an all-nighter would be quite a snap
Some planned to quit early, and some planned to nap.
By Hour 18, I predict some wits will scatter.
It’ll make our posts zany, but what does that matter?

On Facebook, on Tumblr, on Typepad and Blogger
On Livejournal, Typepad, WordPress and Twitter
No matter your platform, hope you have a ball
And Read away, read away, read away, all.
Be cheerful, post often, but for now, sleep tight!
Happy Read-a-thon All, and to All a good night!

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