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Wednesday 5: Write All the Things!

October 26, 2011

Yes, I’m posting my to-do list as a Wednesday 5, and late in the day.

Here are the things I have written and/or need to write today and tomorrow. Mostly, because the juxtaposition between writing sentences about dog memoir and vampire erotica has amused me.

  1. A review of Love at First Bark for BlogHer Book Club. Done!
  2. Review of All The Wrong Places for my blog, and excerpt lined up for tomorrow. Done! It goes live tomorrow.
  3. Roundup of spooky Halloween reads by women, for WVFC. Working on it! Trying to come up with books that don’t have sexy vampires, or zombies.
  4. Long overdue edits on something Kim sent me! Will do the second I get back from the gym!
  5. Review of Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore for BlogHer. Due next week

Oh hell, there’s more…

Type and post the review of Animals Behaving Badly… as soon as I figure out what notebook I stashed it in. Massively overdue on that one.

And then I get to settle in and read zombie books for the Ledger. Including Colson Whitehead’s new one. I can’t believe he’s done a zombie book.

Off to the gym!


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