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Spooky Books Roundup for Women’s Voices For Change

October 31, 2011

Last week, the folks at Women’s Voices For Change asked me to write a book review roundup of the best spooky stories out there, written by women.

While I was working on it, I realized a few things:

I have read a lot more very scary books written by men, than I have women. (The Dead Path still gives me the shivers, ages after I read it.)

Even so, The Haunting of Hill House still brings back deliciously scary memories. I haven’t reread it since I was in high school, because I worry that it wouldn’t scare me so wonderfully on a reread.

I left both Mary Shelley and Anne Rice off the list. Because I trust people to have read Frankenstein; and because Anne Rice’s prose makes me roll my eyes.

I do not think I have read zombie fiction, or seen well-written zombie fiction by a woman. Which might have been a relief to the WVFC folks, as I know ChrisL, the editor, can’t stand zombies.

Check out my book roundup, then let me know: What are your favorite scary books by women authors?

Read more at Women’s Voices For Change.

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