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Spider Bones: Delightfully meta!

November 2, 2011

The FOX series Bones is based on Kathy Reichs’ forensic mystery novels about Temperance Brennan. Book and TV series are closely entwined, Reichs is a consultant on the show, which does give a few nods to the books. But that’s the subject of another post…

Emily Deschanel is not a forensic anthropologist, but she plays one on TV. Image copyrighted by FOX...

Although I saw the TV show before I started reading the books, there are a lot of things I like better about the novel version of Dr. Temperance Brennan. I enjoy reading her discussion of forensic science. The books split their time largely between North Carolina and Montreal, capturing a sense of both places, and sometimes venturing elsewhere… instead of a sort of antiseptic TV-land D.C. as the FOX series does.

I also like Book-Brennan’s narrative voice- older than the TV version; divorced mother of a teenage daughter; explaining the science well; pithy and mouthy and confident.

Spider Bones, published in 2010, by Scribener

I’m reading Spider Bones, which, I think came out in ’09. And I couldn’t believe I read the following excerpt. Don’t worry, it doesn’t impact the mystery to reveal this.

So, two cops working with Brennan on the murder case, have a witness they’re grilling. And one of the cops says:

“You claim to be smart. Know all about DNA. I’m sure you watch CSI and Law and Order. Maybe Bones, but that might be over your head. Surprising you and your pal got sloppy with things like prints…”

I might have started giggling maniacally on the subway.
And there you have it… Fiction is stranger than fiction???

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