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General Impressions of Occupy Wall Street

November 10, 2011

A lot of people have been talking about Occupy Wall Street. I knew I couldn’t feel right being part of the discussion til I saw it for myself, and formed my thoughts.

Well, I’ve seen it. And I’m not entirely sure what my thoughts are, yet. I am impressed with the attention to structure and procedure. With the ways the community has organized itself: a comfort station full of clothes and things people need daily. Food, donated and prepared. Work groups keeping the park clean. I walked past an intent meeting about goals and demands, but couldn’t hear much about what was being discussed.

I kept asking people who talked to me “what is your life when you’re not here?” I wanted to hear context: coming from Brooklyn, sometimes sleeping at Wall Street and sometimes at home; coming from Canada and staying to show support; giving voice to veterans; talking about organic farming; organizing a space for animals; knitters who are working with donated yarn. Most of the conversations were sensible and articulate. Frustrated, yes, angry at current government and financial policies. Angry and well spoken, for the most part.

There’s a lot of creative talent simmering and fulminating in a small space, and it seems like positive energy. Sign and shirt painters. Work groups trying to hash out ideas. Conscientious goodwill: from the way discussions and systems seem organized, to the whimsical girl holding a “Free Hugs!” sign.

So, still curious, still haven’t decided what I think completely. But I think positive things. I can’t make any real claim to know the larger purpose or outcome of Occupy Wall St. I’m starting to think it makes sense, though. A way to feel better than helpless and frustrated and powerless. A channel for energy. The perfect channel for energy? Dunno. But definitely interesting, and worth a visit.

Will post pix as soon as I sort through them and through my thoughts more.


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