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Occupy Wall Street: First Impressions of the Library

November 10, 2011

I’ve been hearing a lot and reading a lot about Occupy Wall Street. But I felt like I couldn’t really know what I thought about it until I saw it for myself.

Well, I went downtown, and I looked around, and I took some pictures. And I’m still forming what I think.

I am impressed by the creativity and resourcefulness, by the systems that are in place. I wanted to see more of the library and how it works. The library was my main reason to go down there. I’m not a fan of crowds, and I’m exceedingly wary of crowds that are angry and frustrated. (Yes, I hate commuting at rush hour.) But libraries? I love libraries and library people.
So that enticed me. And having glimpsed the library, housed in a curved tunnel of a tent, I want to see more. I talked to a few of the people involved in the library, and they were very nice. Lauren, with lovely feathered earrings. Stephen, who handles library PR.
I promised to get the word out… so here I am. But I think I need to take another look, to really know how to tell the story, or articulate what I think. So, first impressions.
The library people I met are planning for winter weather, talking about tent structures, needing shelves for the books. Working without power for right now, but talking about the digital tasks that need to be done: entering ISBNs on LibraryThing, and keeping the blog going.

I’m curious about the different possibilities and solutions for electricity. Generators, yes, but isn’t there some kind of solar charger for gadgets, too?

I didn’t get a chance to rummage through the boxes of books. Another reason to come back!!! Because I can’t just see boxes and boxes of books without wanting to know more about the delights they contain.

I want to see the library’s processes in action- I saw it in an in-between reorganizing state, and want to see it humming and working. I see a lot of interesting potential.

Pictures as soon as I download them from my camera- wanted to write, first, to see if I could form my half-formed thoughts.

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