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5 Unrelated Things

November 16, 2011

I have too many things going on in my head, and in my life, to confine myself to one post topic at the moment. Are these items related, or are they all over the place? You decide. Also, I need to bring back the Wednesday 5 lists. But I’m stumped for topics.

  1. I am going to library science school! Starting in January, I will be taking classes toward a Masters in Library Science at Pratt. It still feels a little unreal. I plan to keep working, and keep book reviewing, while all this is going on. And I will probably blog about things I learn.
  2. I need new bookshelves. This is possibly less newsworthy, coming from a book reviewer. I go to conferences and foreign countries and amass books. Nice publicists send me things to review. Even though I am disciplined about getting rid of books… I need new shelves! Especially if I’m going to go be a student. Any recommendations? (Not Ikea, ideally.)
  3. Colson Whitehead writes a zombie novel exactly like you’d expect Colson Whitehead to write a zombie novel. Zone One has Lots of digressions and interesting, image-laden fillips of language. So I like many of the same things about it that I loved about The Colossus of New York, but in a zombie novel, they make the pacing strange, slower than I expected.
  4. I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving. Soon, it will be time for Christmas music. What are your favorite holiday songs?
  5. Once again, I have failed to read the complete Sherlock Holmes this year. I have, however, read some Wodehouse (gave me a headache, I much prefer televised incarnations with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry) and some Dorothy Sayers. Also, Terry Pratchett. So, that’s three off the been-meaning-to-read list!
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