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Wednesday 5: Five Books I Didn’t Finish

December 7, 2011

Here are five perfectly good books that I’m sure I would like if I went back and started them again. Maybe.

1. Wildwood by Colin Melloy, illustrated by Carson Ellis. I got this at BEA. Part of its problem is that I read it after Down the Mysterly River, by Bill Willingham. and The Book of Lost Things, by John Connolly. I am apparently only good for 2 Modern Children Get Lost in Storybook Woods books per year. Also, I want Wildwood to be an audiobook. I would like it better.

2. Have His Carcase– Dorothy Sayers. I was getting into it, and it had to go back to the library to be on hold for someone else. So I’m on the hold list again. Same thing happened with  Five Red Herrings– Dorothy Sayers. Again, the library snatched it back too soon. But, I wasn’t really getting swept up in it, so fair enough.

3. The Atoms of Language- Mark C. Baker. A discussion of Chomskyan linguistics. I had been trying to read this since 2010, honestly. I gave up on it in mid-January. With a feeling of relief, as well as the regret and sheepishness I feel about honestly giving up on a book, and knowing I’m unlikely to return to it. Ever again.

4. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I keep telling myself I will read every Sherlock Holmes story ever penned by Doyle. And so that was one of the things I used to test my Kindle. But I got distracted, and I think I have one or two more stories to go, there.

5.  Watching The English– Kate Fox. Anthropology about the English. I picked it up in Scotland, and was intrigued. And I know that once I settle down and read it, I’ll zoom through and find it fascinating. Haven’t gotten there yet, though.

Oh, and just thought of another

6. The Arsonist’s Guide to Homes in New England– Brock Clarke. I love the title, so I want to read this. I get bogged down a few pages in. It’s sort of preciously literary. In a way that John Irving does well, and many others do badly. Yuck.

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