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Regency-era Witch Who Dabbles In Forensics While Baking In Restaurant Kitchen

January 9, 2012

…. let me explain

That was my attempt to put everything I can’t resist into one book title.

It doesn’t exist. I think I’m probably glad.

But I cannot resist books that combine any of the following elements:

  1. Historical fiction set from the Regency era on through the Victorian era. Bonus points for any combination of Almack’s, hansom cabs and witty banter.
  2. Foodie lit. Fiction? Nonfiction? Professional or home kitchen? Doesn’t matter. Cuisine? Doesn’t matter. If you get meditative while chopping carrots or kneading dough, or swear at your sous chef, I’m reading it.
  3. Solving crimes with science. Mass spectrometers! Fingerprints! Psychological profiling! I’m not picky about the time period, actually. The Alienist, by Caleb Carr, touched on nascent ideas of psychology, and it was fascinating.
  4. Folklore/magic If your magic system is well-constructed and obeys internal logic, I’ll read it. Bonus points for drawing on folkloric elements: fairy tales, myths, legends. Double bonus points for an urban, or modern setting on this one.
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