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Top Ten Tuesday: Write More, Please!

January 11, 2012

Grabbed The Top Ten Tuesday from christina_reads

Yes, it’s a day late. Deal.

Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book

1. Laurie R. King. More from the Kate Martinelli series, please! King has been plenty prolific with the Holmes and Mary series, but I really wish she’d head back to the present day and San Francisco. (I didn’t get very far with the Holmes series, because the idea of Holmes getting married gives me the creeps.)

2. Robin McKinley. Specifically, I’d like to see a return to the modern-fantasy setting of Sunshine. Food writing and urban magic. Of course it’s one of my favorite books!

3. Douglas Adams– because he died unfairly young. In a perfect world, he and Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman would go on a road trip and write about it.

4. James Herriot– Although he told the story of his life as a Yorkshire vet fairly completely, I’m sure there are stories he didn’t tell. My appetite for “British country doctor of bygone era” stories verges on insatiable.

5. George R.R. Martin– yes, I know, he’s just had a new one out. But, I’m almost afraid to read it because I doubt it resolves anything, and I bet the Starks are still in peril. I’m delaying the suspense of having to wait for him to finish the next book.

6. Marissa Doyle– Magic and YA in a Regency setting. Irresistible. I think the new one’s out this year, though. Maybe?

7. Kate Jacobs needs to write more about food and less about maudlin knitting stores.

8. Gail Collins– because I basically wolfed down her meticulous history of American women from the early settlers on through the 1960’s. 400 years of historical detail, and it read like a novel. More, please! Come to think of it, I should check the library for other books she’s written.

9. Caleb Carr– I do love his mysteries set in the 19th century. I even trust him with Sherlock Holmes.

10. Beth Hensperger– I would love another book of crock pot recipes for two people or a 3-quart pot!

Note the absence of poetry from this list… I feel like I’m still catching up with what’s been written, too much so to yowl at poets to write more. Off to the Poets House later today, to further my library education and my poetry education. And yes, it’s Wednesday. But this was still a fun list.

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