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5 Libraries I Would Love to Tour

January 23, 2012

As I’m learning about library science, I find the whole field fascinating… I have so much to learn. Especially since I’ve never worked in a library before. 

I find the procedures and mechanics fascinating- how to do shelf-checks, proper ways to answer reference questions, and on and on. I’ll be writing more about that here, of course.

And then there’s the sudden knowledge that… all kinds of places have corporate archives and libraries!

1. Newspapers! A librarian for the Ledger was lovely and encouraging as I applied to library science school. I wonder if newspaper libraries are still called the morgue….

2. The NFL!!! I started to wonder about this one on Sunday… their corporate headquarters is right here in NYC. I suspect their library has a lot of video footage, and a librarian on call during games to grab things for highlight reels and montages!

3. Publishing houses… though I know from the Poet’s House, how tempting it can be to walk the shelves full of interesting things to read. Not that this is a bad thing!

4. Special collections through the NYPL… Although I’m pretty sure a rare book archive isn’t where I’m interested in working, I love the idea of being able to go gawk and explore. 

5. The New York Historical Society. Then, maybe I’d finally learn about my city the way I’ve been promising myself I would, oh, forever.

And more… it’s a lovely daydream!

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