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Burns Day Scottish Poetry Special

January 25, 2012

Happy Burns Day! Read some poetry! Look towards Scotland. Raise a glass of Scotch.

If you’re so inclined, address a haggis. 

Yesterday, at the Poets House, I went looking for Scottish poetry. It’s not all wee sleekit timorous beasties, you know. Here are some Scottish poets I’ve enjoyed.

Ron Butlin- my parents and I saw a performance of “Vivaldi and the Number 3” in Edinburgh over the summer.  I have a collection of his poems, called “Ragtime in Unfamiliar Bars” that I bought for the title, as much as for loving the poems inside. Read  “A Recipe for Whisky

Liz Lochhead- she’s currently the Scottish Makar, the rough equivalent of the poet laureate. Read “A Saturday Poem.” Or Trouble is not my middle name

And here’s a lovely trove of recent Scottish poetry from The Scottish Poetry Library. Just click on the years to read poems from each.

William McGonagall is largely regarded to have been the Worst Poet Ever. Wonder if he knew it at the time…


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