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The Best Romantic Movies Of All Time

February 14, 2012

Inspired by ChrisL and Women’s Voices For Change, and the fact that I unexpectedly have only 2 boroughs worth of tearing around to do today (a nice surprise) I started thinking of my favorite Valentine movies.

Looking at this list, I wonder what it reveals about my romantic ideals? Good banter, good food, a little bitter in with my sweet. Sounds about right.

I second the WVFC pick of Roxanne, which I think was the first romantic movie I ever watched.

Like Water For Chocolate- I can’t find a good clip that captures how sensual the food-and-love-and-magic movie is. Glorious book, too! To clarify: It’s not about the main characters’ epic tragedy of a romance, but the food sensuality. And that redheaded sister. She’s got it right.

And of course, Much Ado About Nothing, which I love mostly for Beatrice and Benedick. And Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh.

My favorite of favorites may well be Angus.  I love everything about that movie.

And then there are two that are, well, kind of outliers….

Casanova, otherwise known as David Tennant has lots of sex wearing Renaissance Garb. (Swoon!) Casanova bloopers here. Bit of swearing, not that much sex.

Chris cringes every time I list Grosse Point Blank among my favorite romantic movies. But sarcasm, earnest love, and Minnie Driver and John Cusack? Violence, yes, but very comic-bookish and snide. 

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