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Three boroughs in the name of library science

February 14, 2012

Today’s going to take me to three boroughs in the matter of a few hours, all in the name of library science.

Will the G train be my Valentine?

Stop 1: a meeting at Pratt Brooklyn, to investigate options for library science grad school scholarships. That ends, I think, at 1:30, giving me JUST barely enough time to scoot to

Stop 2: Ushering Your Company Into The Social Media Age at The Queens Library.

Plenty of this year’s Social Media Week events promise to forecast what’s coming next for the industry, but is your company still trying to catch up from the social media conventions of just a few years ago—create a Facebook page and have an intern check in a couple times a week—to today’s expectations—have a daily brand presence on a dozen or more social networks, fully integrate social media into every aspect of your company, and use the power of, and lessons from, social media giants toward brand innovation and reinvention?

Social networking is the most popular online activity worldwide, accounting for 1 in every 5 minutes spent on the Internet: Join us for a frank discussion of the challenges facing companies—particularly those outside of the tech and social media industries—as they struggle to embrace this new reality.

Queens Library Social Media Manager, Mary Kearl, will give an overview of how she crafted a social media approach that makes sense for her company, a leading nonprofit cultural institution. Karen Keys, an outreach librarian, for Queens Library will discuss the unique ways the library has incorporated social media into programming. Loida Garcia-Febo, coordinator for Queens Library’s New Americans Program, will discuss connecting with multicultural and multilingual customers through new media. Topics will include:

• Starting from scratch: Putting a social media strategy in place—and tracking your success!

• How to improve your social media presence on a limited budget

• Tools that are cheap and easy to use and will make your social media monitoring/management a breeze

• Leveraging today’s top networks to increase brand awareness, improve customer service, and provide innovative programs

• Claiming user-generated brand pages (on Facebook, Foursquare, and Yelp)

• Fostering a company culture that embraces and understands social media

• What to consider when managing brand pages and social media accounts for a company’s physical locations

• Learn best practices, tips, and information about how emerging technologies can be used to improve connection to multilingual populations

The second half of the program will be an open forum for attendees to exchange best practices and to network. Queens Library will have afternoon snacks to facilitate food for thought and networking!

Queens Library serves a population of 2.3 million in one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the U.S. and has among the highest circulations of any public library system in the world.

I find the potential of social media use in libraries fascinating. Enough to write an end of semester paper about it. Right now, I’m thinking about this thing in Queens as a chance to learn about social media, and a chance to ask the library staff there how they coordinate and decide who does what for their social media.

Then, it’s time to zoom back to Manhattan in time for tonight’s Intro To Information Professions Class.  Which ends a bit before 9.

And then? I am going to fall over.

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