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February 16, 2012

Are books and the internet destined to merge?

Good state-of-the-book and publishing biz piece from The Guardian. Mostly, I see pieces like these, talking about the consumer and business side of e-readers and books. What I’d like to see is an examination on the mental, cognitive, psychological, even emotional side, of the tactile experience of taking in print media via screen versus via paper. I print out all the e-articles I’m supposed to read for class. There’s a difference. I want to see it put into words.

The New York Public Library revives its overhaul plan and Reimagining the Library for the Future

Now that I am in library school and hoping to find a job in the New York area, my feelings about this one are more complicated. I want to see the NYPL, my NYPL, make a good transition into the next phase of library space, and reader engagement. I’m… just not sure gutting the historic main library is the way to do it… And closing SIBL? Insane, in these economic times.

I feel viscerally queasy about this, and it’s getting in the way of thinking it through at the moment. Do not mess with Leo Astor and Leo Lenox, or the building they guard, please! Throwing digital technology onto everything like it’s a life jacket in and of itself does not make sense. I wish I had more faith that the library endeavors were doing a better job of considering and weighing the role of the digital sphere in the library’s mission of community outreach.

And this, this is just lovely: The Jeremy Lin story is real magic. via my Dad, who has been a Knicks fan for ages… I grew up going to games, when Patrick Ewing was part of the starting lineup. It was excellent father-daughter bonding. Feels kind of nice to care about the Knicks again. Read this even if you don’t like sports. It’s just good writing.


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