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To-Write List

February 22, 2012

This is a placeholder for posts and a list of things I should be writing instead of blog entries. Guh

Blog posts:

  • Review of The Garden Intrigue, by Lauren Willig. Which I loved. As expected. I just need to tell you all about it!
  • Blog about the guest speaker we had in class, who works for ProQuest, training libraries and librarians to use the databases. Proof that MLIS degree doesn’t automatically mean library.
  • Notes and thoughts about  a very interesting afternoon at a newspaper library. The Daily News, to be exact! The blog post will be notes and thinking out loud for a paper due at the end of the semester.

Things I have to write for class:

  • A PowerPoint presentation (my first ever!) about social media and libraries. Due Tuesday. Also, notes for said presentation.
  • A reference source evaluation of 4 reference resources. One of which is going to be IMDB. Because it was on the list of potential topics. I will possibly get surly about crime dramas.
  • A writeup of the news visit, which will become a paper for later in the semester.

Send coffee. And crock pot recipes, so dinner can make itself while I write and read all the things!

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