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Good Books For When You’re Stuck In Bed: Glorious Scifi Cheese

April 2, 2012

Night of the Living Trekkies– Kevin David Anderson. Zombies at a Trek convention. In other words, pretty darn perfect.

Watermind– M. M. Buckner. Adventure. Action. Sentient water. Just go with it.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer– Michelle Hodkin. Half psychological thriller, half YA supernatural spookfest. Might need some slightly higher octane brain power to keep track of a few plot twists, ie, could benefit from a reread.

The Name of the Star- Maureen Johnson. Another YA supernatural with a lot of creative spookiness. I just finished, and looooooved it. Like, Guardian of the Dead loved it. Bonus points for boarding school setting, smartass teen dialogue and Jack the Ripper.

Of course, anything by Rick Riordan is good, whether on the Percy Jackson or Kane Chronicles side of things. I also thought the Kane Chronicles were terrific audiobooks.


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