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What a week! What a semester!

May 4, 2012

My first semester at Pratt ended last night.

I handed in my final paper for reference, and did a presentation about it.

The final papers I did for my classes each deserve their own post(s) because they were so interesting to dig into.

I did my final paper for one class about social media and public libraries, and kept finding things I wanted to include, because of course, the news just keeps happening. I am also excited by reading about social media and library service in the context of giving really good customer service that makes people happy. Because, honestly, it boils down to getting other people to love the public library as much as I do. And it was also interesting to dig into the ways social media gets analyzed in these intensely academic journal articles.  There was this one, beautiful article

For my reference class, I had an insanely cool assignment. Take an obituary from the New York Times and use it for a series of research topics. I picked Clarence Clemons.

I kept having to remind myself that the paper was about how I found my research answers, not what the answers actually were.

I have done research about:

  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Fidel Castro, including a side trip into Fidel Castro’s connection to baseball
  • King Curtis, the Coasters, and the song “Yakety Yak,” which promptly got stuck in my head.
  • The average height of an American man
  • the saxophone
  • Martin Scorsese’s rock and roll films
  • Interracial rock music- this was a tough one, until Dad and David Hinckley (both very close to rock and jazz subject librarians, in terms of all the great stuff they’ve read!) nudged me toward specific info about Sun Records. Now I want to read all about Sun Records and doo wop history. Dad will be so proud!
  • football history and knee injuries. From which I learned that there is an entire database about sports business at SIBL, and I’m probably not cut out to be a medical librarian. Even reading journal abstracts gave me shivers.

Also, on Monday, I started a new job. I’m working as a part-time publicist for AMACOM books, which will include social media tasks and updating their blog. I’m really excited. Everyone I’ve met is terrific. And I keep finding interesting business books I want to read. Upcoming books, backlisted books, books about social media. I had to laugh during a meeting on Wednesday- one of the books was about stress management, including sleep tips. A grad student at the end of the semester starting a new job? Yep, there was some stress going around.

Next week, I start a class about YA Genre fiction… I have been looking forward to this summer class for weeks! I’ll get to read historical fiction and science fiction and fantasy and mystery YA novels, and think about ways to recommend them to teens in a library. How cool is that? The trick there won’t be keeping up with the reading (two novels a week, plus the textbook) but keeping myself from reading ALL of the books on each class’s list.

Then again, “finding new books I want to read,” amounts to pretty much the same thing as “being awake.”

I have a ton of book reviews to catch up on!

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