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Book Review: Cruising Attitude

May 14, 2012

Cruising Attitude
Heather Poole
William Morrow Paperbacks
$14.99 262 pages
Thanks to William Morrow Paperbacks for sending a review copy

A flight attendant tells all, from crazy passengers, to sharing an apartment in Queens with a rotating cast of coworkers, to explaining the convoluted intricacies of a flight attendant’s schedule. Poole’s chatty prose makes it easy to imagine the realities of her career. Ill-fitting polyester uniforms, flying to three cities in one day, dealing with needy business class passengers. It’s easy to imagine how hard it is to cope with cramped galleys and narrow aisles. Harder to imagine pulling that off with a smile, and succeeding as a career.

As you might imagine, Poole’s work puts her in contact with any number of eccentrics and oddballs. Only some of whom are flying as passengers. Although she changes names, and is coy about the identity of celebrities, Poole’s character sketches paint a picture of the strange antics and circumstances people get up to in midair.

A fast, fun vacation read- although I might feel self-conscious about flight attendants seeing me reading this on a plane. Best to save it for the final destination.

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