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YA Genre Fiction: Day 1

May 15, 2012

Had my first YA Genre Fiction class tonight, and I’m exactly as delighted as I thought I would be. I get to spend the next 6 weeks reading, and re-reading mysteries and historical fiction and science fiction and… yes, the reading list has many books that I would be delighted to read on my own time, on a long, lazy afternoon. I have already stayed up very late, twice, doing my assigned reading. (A historical fiction novel and a book assigned during the romance week that I do not think was technically a romance, for reasons best explained by the chapter in our textbook.)

There are five other people in my class.

Assignments include:

Giving book talks… 2 to 5 minute presentations about a book, including read-alikes, which is a fancy librarian term for “3 books you’ll like if you like this.”

Practicing reader advisory on an Actual Teenager about books they might like. Actual teenagers will be provided, courtesy of our instructor’s school. Because otherwise, I do not know where I would go find one.

Making a website about a genre of YA fiction, including a definition of the genre, subgenres, book recommendations, other resources.

I’m kicking around the idea of historical fiction.

Which leaves me wondering: where do I go to find out stats about how much historical fiction exists on any given time period? I have a suspicion, unconfirmed as yet, that there’s a ton of middle grade novels and YA about World War II, disproportionate to other times.

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  1. May 15, 2012 10:01 pm

    WWII is the war of the Baby Boomers’ parents — it got vividly romanticized for a large generation (a generation that’s currently broadly In Charge Of Things). Plus, it’s comfortable zone for fiction because the bad guys are so clear-cut and punchable. “Nazis? I HATE these guys!”

  2. alotofpeoplelikecake permalink
    May 16, 2012 11:27 am

    …I want to know more about the romance?

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