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Book Expo 2012: Many Hats

June 3, 2012

Tomorrow, BEA 2012 starts!

I’ve been excited about it for months.  This year will be my third time attending, and even more exciting, if possible, than previous years.

This year, I’m a library science graduate student, eager to network with librarians as future colleagues, not just as interesting people. And I’m also working as a publicist for a business books publisher. I have a part time publicist gig with AMACOM Books. They’ll be set up at Booth 3831. On my days at the Expo, some of what I’ll be doing is live-tweeting on their behalf, and possibly doing booth duty.

A friend of mine joked that all I have to do is write a book, and then get a job in a bookstore, and I’ll be part of every facet of the book business covered by BEA.

I was thinking of writing a post with a checklist of things to bring to BEA, but Sassymonkey beat me to it. Hers is an especially good list for travelers from out of town.

I especially second her recommendation of bringing a bottle of water, a bag that’s comfortable to carry all day, even when it gets heavy, and a supply of good snacks.

The only things I would add to her list are:

Write on every business card you get. Just a word or two, explaining the context of the person whose card it is.

Also, bring one or two small envelopes, so you can separate out the business cards- librarians in one stack, bloggers in another. (This might be most important for someone like me, juggling multiple bookish identities as a book blogger, library science student, new publicist.)

As far as books I covet, the big ones are James Benn’s new Billy Boyle mystery, and The Diviners by Libba Bray. Knowing that I’m juggling grad school, a new job, and not much time to read, I’m trying to be somewhat stern with myself about my book gluttony. I already have a ton of unread books on my shelf! So I need to be judicious in my claiming of review copies. (This has the ring of famous last words.)

My backpack is set with a nice handful of business cards, pens, a notebook, and a good supply of snacks. I more-or-less know how my work Blackberry works… I finished my paper due Tuesday. I have comfy shoes. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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