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A Long, Bookish, and Pretty Neat Day

June 7, 2012

Today was a Book Expo first for me: I did booth duty for the publisher where I am a publicist!

I saw some familiar faces from my other lives as a blogger and librarian-in-training, and got a few satisfying double-takes when they saw me actually part of a booth. As though I had switched teams.

In previous years, wandering the exhibit floor, I have seen publishers’ booths, with tables and chairs set up, and people talking intently about what was clearly Important Book Planning Stuff. It tickles me to know some of the people having those conversations, and to know some of what they’re talking about.

I did manage to snag another book or three on my way back to the office. Still, a very, very modest haul, compared to previous Expos. I think the librarians had the right idea. I spent a good chunk of yesterday bouncing around to Book Buzz panels, and the ¬†Librarian “Shout and Share,” where librarians gave book talks about neat forthcoming books that would suit different library collections. I want to learn more about collection development, and should take a class… maybe in the spring!

So… I might not have a giant stack of books, but I have a truly epic list of books I want to read. I should post it.

After more work doing book publicist things, it was time for my YA genre class, which was even more fun than usual, because we got to spend the first hour talking to 8th graders from Jen’s school, asking them about reading, their free time, their Internet and media use.

They were a fun, wisecracking, smart and slightly giddy bunch, of mostly voracious readers. Including one kid who, as Jen put it, “needed to be reminded that night time is for sleeping, not reading.” My kind of kid.

Interestingly, they talked about watching TV shows and movies on Netflix rather than on a TV network schedule. They seemed universally dubious of Facebook. All of them have smartphones, but they absolutely do not like to talk on the phone- it’s all texting and email. But… for as plugged in as all that is: they unanimously did not like e-reading on any kind of device. These are paper-book-loving kids.

That gives me hope.


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