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Booktalk: Sunshine, by Robin McKinley

June 14, 2012

The following is a booktalk I did for my YA genre class, the second booktalk I have done, ever. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Librarians, school folks and bookish folks: you’re welcome to use this booktalk in whole or in part. I would be honored. Please do give me credit if you use it. Also, please leave a comment here… because it would delight me to know a little about the library or school you hail from.

Sunshine by Robin McKinley

Then, Rae Seddon, nicknamed Sunshine, got up at dawn to do the baking for her stepdad’s café. Now, she’s still doing the baking but she’s also ducking questions about what happened at the lake. Then, if anyone said she could do magic, they were talking about the sticky buns and cookies she baked, and it was just a figure of speech. Now, she’s wondering if the conjuring games her grandmother taught her were the start of something much bigger.
Then, Sunshine knew what everybody else knew:  some people could do magic, conjuring commonplace charms, some people had a little demon blood in the family tree. And the Special Other Forces, sort of supernatural cops, kept an eye on things. Vampires, though? Vampires were monsters, menacing and feared. Nobody escaped from a vampire. Nobody.
Nobody except Sunshine, and now, she isn’t talking about it. She’s telling her family and friends that she doesn’t remember what happened at the lake, what happened the night she was captured and chained to the wall along with a vampire. She says she doesn’t remember what happened two days later when she escaped.
Now, the only person Sunshine feels like she can trust is a vampire named Constantine.
But before you think this is a story of girl meets vampire, let me tell you, there’s no swooning, brooding or sparkling going on.
Even though the vampires who captured them are worse, Sunshine knows Constantine is terrifying. He can move silently and faster than the eye can track. His skin has the desiccated look of old mushrooms. And there’s the whole blood drinking thing. Every primal instinct tells her he’s a monster, tells her to run far, far away. Instead, she helps him to escape. Vampires or not, it’s simple, she hates bullies.
How exactly did she transform her penknife into a key to unlock their chains? That’s just the first in a series of questions Sunshine can’t answer. Why won’t the cut on her chest heal for weeks on end? What can she possibly tell her family, her friends, and the Special Other Forces,who are very interested in how she escaped from vampires? And what about the vampires who want revenge on her and Constantine?
And most of all- now that she’s escaped from vampires, done magic, and formed some kind of alliance with a vampire, will life ever be a normal day at the bakery again?
Sunshine, by Robin McKinley

Sunshine, by Robin McKinley.

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