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Back to School

August 24, 2012

Last night was the new student orientation at library school. Where did the summer go? I can’t believe school starts Tuesday. Eeek! School and work, here I come. I’m a little nervous about balancing both. With sanity at least reasonably intact. 

Meeting the incoming students and getting to see friends from last semester made me really happy. It’s a really great bunch of people. Different ages (some of them are super young, though not nearly as young as college freshmen I see wandering around orienting themselves at campuses in the city), different paths into library science and plans for what to do after. A few native New Yorkers, one guy from Hungary. Two other Elizabeths in one of my classes. Which will be entertaining. Still, really, really cool people. And I knew that, on some level, even at my most stressed and freaked out about grad school last semester. Also, I got a great big kick out of having a whole semester of grad school experience under my belt. I dispensed advice to incoming students! Whee! It made me really, really happy to say “hey, I know what you’re about to go through, and you’ll be okay, I promise.”

Here’s hoping I can reassure myself as much as I tried to reassure the nice new students.

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