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The last haul at Partners & Crime

October 27, 2012

This weekend, Partners and Crime is having their final sale:

Saturday Oct. 27
Sunday Oct. 28
Noon- 7 pm


Bring your Trick or Treat Bag
Fill it with Books
Give us $10
& GO!!!

The comparison to Trick or Treat is a bit bittersweet.

I took two tote bags, one of which was giant, and came back with a lovely haul of 26 books:


The Ambitious Stepmother- Fidelis Morgan (rec’d by Maggie, the nice redheaded owner)

The Rival Queens- Fidelis Morgan

The Intelligencer- Leslie Silbert

A Pinch of Snuff- Reginald Hill (another Maggie rec)

Except the Dying- Maureen Jennings

The Immaculate Deception- Iain Pears

The Given Day- Dennis Lehane

Powder Monkey- Paul Dowell (YA)

The Privilege of the Sword- Ellen Kushner

The Forgery of Venus- Michael Gruber

The Ship of Fools- Gregory Normton

The Quality of Mercy- Faye Kellerman (via Maggie)

Contemporary Mysteries:

Killing the Lawyers- Reginald Hill (Maggie rec’d the author)

The Death of and Irish Lover- Bartholomew Gill (via Maggie)

Rough Treatment- John Harvey (Maggie was scandalized I hadn’t heard of him)

Off Minor- John Harvey

The Poet- Michael Connelly. I’ve never read him.

Road Rage- Ruth Rendell

13 Steps Down- Ruth Rendell

The Lighthouse- PD James

The Butter Did It- Phyllis Richardson. Because foodie mystery

Death of a Gentle Lady- MC Beaton


Black Thorn White Rose edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling- fantasy short stories

Prospero’s Children- Jan Siegel- looks like decent fantasy.


The thing I will miss most about Partners and Crime is the book recommendations. Maggie asked what I like, and her recommendations look right on target.


Not that I have time to read anything but library science at the moment, but that will change.

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