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November 18, 2012

This is just a note to myself, to remind me that sketchpads, about the 9 x 12 size, are essential to the process of writing a paper.

Also, a pack of markers/highlighters in as many colors as possible.

And butcher paper… which makes me deeply glad that Pratt is an art and design school as well as a library school. I can usually get a couple of big sheets of giant paper, without having to figure out where to buy a roll of my own, how to get it home, and where to put it in my wee apartment.

I definitely do not think of myself as An Art Person. I don’t draw. I barely even doodle. I resist playing Pictionary. Nor do I think of myself as A Visual Person. I have trouble with sizes, juxtapositions, assembling furniture, and visualizing anything in detail.

But, for a paper- give me my colors and my big paper.

Then again, I can’t tell if that’s what’s making this paper work so nicely- is it the colors, or the fact that I’ve had the brainstorm that arranged all the articles in about 4 categories, (green, orange, blue and pink, with purple and the other blue for annotations) and that new articles are fitting those categories as I read them?

I remember last semester as a giant screaming fight with myself over every assignment, seething with frustration and rage, and then finally either getting everything to come together or being too tired to care whether it did. I’m wary of the other term paper– not sure it’ll fit together without an epic battle.

This paper’s coming together so sweetly I keep wanting to brag about it. (Though wondering about making the transition from reading and colored markers, to actually writing… which I plan to do over Thanksgiving weekend, creative juices fueled by pie.) If all goes well, I’ll have this puppy done a week before it’s due, and can focus on things like the other class, and a take home final for this class. Yes. A paper and a final. Also, work.

Also, it’s making me realize that I’m learning things about library science that won’t make sense outside of the department. And sometimes things that don’t even make sense to my fellow students… There’s a giant, gorgeous pun on authority control that’s part of this paper!!! Trust me, it’s brilliant.

I’m realizing, though, that as much as I might need a break between semesters to recharge my brains, I should probably keep reading journal articles in between semesters. I’ve noticed I don’t hit my mental stride until a good several weeks in, so should probably try to head that off, by keeping a more steady diet of academic journals.


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