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Bookish Resolutions 2013

December 31, 2012

I have a bit of an odd relationship with resolutions. Working in a gym for entirely too many years will do that to a person. As a personal trainer, I was an accessory to more than a few resolutions, training clients and advising members, navigating the January crowds.

The lasting effect on me was that I really like making resolutions that have something fun about them, as well as something that’s meant to be instructive or improving. Something that gets drummed into you in the personal training world, (and, interestingly, gets bandied about in business writing, I’m learning at my current job) is the idea of SMART goals: Specific, Manageable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Bound. So, if I’m thinking about resolutions, I’m temped to be grandiose… but I’m also trying to keep that in mind.

So here’s a list:

Keep up with, or, ideally, ahead of, the reading for both of my library science classes. (I’ve got advance copies of my syllabi, and have spent today curled up with fascinating articles about information policy. Hopefully I can keep on top of reading throughout the semester with this head start.) Related: take actual separate notes on the articles I can refer to for class discussion, so I’m not shuffling through scrawled-on printed out pages in class.

Read at least 2 Sherlock Holmes stories, ideally more. Eventually, I’d like to have read all of them. I’ve resolved to read the lot in past years, but I’ve scaled it down. We’ll see how it goes.

Read at least 1 new poem a week. I like reading poetry. I should remember that. (And possibly revisit the Poet’s House. I had to give up my internship there because of schedule and $ constraints, and I miss it.)

Volunteer at the library once a month through New York Cares. We’ll see what the semester does to my weekends on this one, but I’d like to get some book shelving in.

No matter how busy I am, spend one weekend morning a month curled up with reading and a mug of hot chocolate. (Even if it’s library science articles. They can be fun. Really!)

Reread one of my favorite books. Not very specific, only because I haven’t decided which one yet.

Read at least 3 books already on my shelves or saved on my Kindle. Got a bit of a backlog! Between work and school, I don’t have that much pleasure reading time, but I’d like to focus on books I have.

Okay, I’m clearly being grandiose in number, if not in specific resolutions. So I should possibly stop.

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  1. January 2, 2013 1:42 pm

    I actually read two Sherlock Holmes stories last year. Maybe I’ll do that again this year.

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