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#Readathon Hour 9

April 27, 2013

Books Finished: 2

I really liked The Chalice.

I thought White Jacket Required by Jenna Weber was disappointing. Not egregiously bad, I finished it after all. Just… I like the chef memoir genre, but this one was kind of… like eating a frosting-intensive cupcake. Kind of cloying and not my favorite.

Books Finished by Dad: The Lola Quartet by Emily St. John Mandell. He really liked it.

And now I am on to Ghost Hero by S.J. Rozan. I am only 50 pages in, and thinking I want to read all of the Lydia Chin novels. I like her as a narrator. Adding all of the Lydia Chin mysteries to my reading list!

Caffeine Consumed: 1 coffee, 1 chai tea. Practically ascetic in my restraint.

Snacks: Some chocolate pretzels, a sliced cucumber, and a very tasty sandwich involving turkey and Russian dressing. Also: my parents ate my dark chocolate, so I am shaming them on my blog. Shame, parents! Shame!

International contacts: Said hi to a UK blogger, and someone from California on Twitter.  Leave a comment and tell me where you’re from. The geography is my favorite part!

Off to sprawl and stretch in the Hour 9 Yoga Challenge

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  1. April 27, 2013 7:23 pm

    Shame!!! your dark chocolate!!!! I say they should totally buy you 2x the amount for compensation 😉

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