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Bookish Bed and Breakfast

May 4, 2013

While I was doing Dewey’s Read-a-Thon last weekend, I had the idea:

What would Dewey’s Read-a-Thon look like as a physical vacation spot? Like a spa, or a bed and breakfast? A place where book lovers could retreat to read in peace and recharge, away from their responsibilities. Heading out to my parents’ place is a key part of the Read-a-Thon for me. Because it means a change of scene (and Dad makes the best-ever pasta sauce!) and being cared for and cozy. That, as much as the reading and blog-connecting, is key.

I Googled “book lover’s bed and breakfast” and there is one already. In New Zealand.

But that’s a bit far.

So, if a B&B wanted to offer a Dewey’s Weekend Package, what would it include?

These ideas are off the top of my daydreams, and based on catching up with reading blogs and Tweets from my fellow participants.


Comfy places to read: Beds piled high with nice pillows, suites with big, comfy armchairs and good lighting: nice windows and good lamps. Possibly an exotic option or two, like a hammock, porch swing, or papasan. I love papasans.  (Though, oddly, I have never owned one or lived with one. I always used to colonize Lisa’s when I went to her place.)

Wireless and plenty of outlets. Goes without saying. Though, the picture of a bunch of bloggers flocking to a B&B and then studiously ignoring/typing at each other tickles me.

A good selection of beverages and snacks: Coffee, different kinds of tea, hot chocolate and soda should be in abundant supply. Room service and/or a 24-hour buffet would be a terrific idea. Finger foods would be front and center- the kinds of things that are easiest to eat with one hand on the book.

A supply of extra books. Because deciding what books to pack to take with you can be hard. Even when e-readers mean you can grab any book you want with one click, sometimes you bring physical books with you.

And then I started wondering- what would it be like for a library to offer guest library cards through the B&B. So guests could explore the shelves on a new library, or use their e-books. And you’d take care of overdue fines by billing them as part of the room rate. In case, say, a guest took a book home, you could bill the cost to their card. So that’s covered. Could this actually work?

Or what if the B&B  package included a discount at a local indie bookstore. Lots of neat community and small business possibilities.

Massage or yoga: In the spirit of the blogger who did a yoga stretches post as part of this past Read-a-Thon, you offer a couple of classes in yoga that focus on the gentle stretches of the back and shoulders you might need if you’ve been sprawling and reading for ages. It might be something you’d want to offer at different times during the reading weekend, to account for who finishes a book when, but it’d be greatly appreciated.

Friendly cats I always like meeting B&B cats, or dogs, for that matter. And they make good reading companions (also, popular with the blogosphere, judging from Read-a-Thon posts.

What have I left out of the ideal reading getaway?

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  1. May 4, 2013 10:11 pm

    Dog-friendly, please! Because some of us like reading best when shored up against a warm (cat-friendly!) pooch.

  2. May 7, 2013 7:07 am

    A reading getaway is just what I need right now!

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