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Book Expo Day 3: Bring on the Power Readers

June 1, 2013

This is the first time I can remember the Book Expo extending into a Saturday. Also, this is the first time they’re opening to the public, hosting Power Readers and courting them with all kinds of enticements. Special events and giveaways abound.

  • Discover new and upcoming books before they hit the stands

  • See and meet the hottest authors

  • Talk to publishers about favorite books

  • Mix and mingle with other book lovers and share your passion for reading

  • Get autographs and advanced reads of unique books (quantities limited)

  • Get tons of giveaways from exhibitors

  • Enjoy a day in New York City!

Don’t miss your chance to attend BEA as a Power Reader at BEA 2013 on Saturday, June 1. You will have more fun in one day than you can ever imagine AND you will walk away with tons of book SWAG!

I am curious what today will feel like, how crowded it will be compared to other days and other years.

I also have a great many questions about the Power Readers themselves:

Are they book bloggers?

Are they local? Or, if not, from how far away?

How mobbed are the Giveaways going to be, and how will that influence overall people flow around events and the exhibit floor?

There are mechanisms in place for Power Readers to buy titles at the show- I wonder what the final numbers are going to be in terms of sales.

Also, I wonder what demographics of BEA attendees and exhibitors are giving today a miss and heading home. Hopefully, there will still be librarians about!

I admit, being tantalized by the magic words of “Book Giveaway” myself, I am also wondering “How do I snag some of the much-vaunted Power Reader Swag for myself… but I will try not to be greedy. I have a few more books I’m definitely pining for, but I’ve had two excellent days roving among the publishers. I will try not to wade into any book scrums that are not meant for the likes of me.

Updated: The day was more mellow than I’d feared, and Power Readers a diverse and congenial bunch. I spotted a number of teens. To my surprise, there were a number of people who’d traveled to be there for the day, including college-age twins who made it part of their road trip from Tennessee. I’d have thought that just one day at the Book Expo wouldn’t appeal to someone who had to travel from outside of the tri-state area or Philly, but I appear to have been wrong.

And there was definitely a book-buying mechanism in place, which was nice to see, on behalf of the book industry.

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  1. DonaldPeebles permalink
    June 12, 2013 5:34 pm

    You totally ruled at the BEAs it seems like and had a great time at the same time.

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