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The end of the trip

June 13, 2013

I still need to sort through the photos I took,  and add them to relevant entries

I also need to sift through the pile of business cards I collected, and write several emails.

And then getting to see good friends, Cheryl and Ben, and getting read to by Sami, their daughter. A very nice, bookish re-entry into the non-librarian world.

Thursday was more fun catching up with Cheryl and Ben, followed by a whirlwind tour with Angie of the Bits of San Diego I hadn’t seen, including gorgeous beaches, adorable seals, Balboa Park, and glimpses of intriguing museums, basically making a giant list of Things to Do Next Time I’m In SD, And Make It Soon!!! It was a beautiful, carefree, sunny day, and I just had a tasty dinner at local spot The Neighborhood, with excellent food and a small flight of local beer. I hadn’t thought of combining sweet potato fries with blue cheese but oh MAN, that was a good idea.

San Diego has seduced me, with its palm trees, funky neighborhoods, myriad beer options, fish tacos, well-mannered baseball fans,  places I’ve explored on foot, and the knowledge that this has only been a glimpse. Plus, good friends to see on my next visit. I would have loved this trip, even without the librarians.

I don’t want to go home.

Which is probably a sign of a very good vacation.

Another side note: the flight home was without incident, though populated by a significant number of clergy in their suits and collars. One of whom was initially seated next to me in a very squished row at the back of the plane. He turned out to be a very nice bishop, who explained that there had been a gathering of bishops and cardinals for the week, meetings and a retreat. And he told me that Cardinal Dolan was on the same plane. This blew my mind. A flight attendant took pity on His Excellency, being both tall and broad of stature, and found him a free seat in an exit row, so I got more elbow room.

In baggage claim, I put a tiara I’d gotten from the Military Division Open House on my head, because… why not? And I’m pretty sure Cardinal Dolan saw me. I gave him a little grin and went on with finding my suitcase.

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  1. DonaldPeebles permalink
    June 27, 2013 8:50 pm

    You know you are having a good vacation when you enjoy a locale so much and dread coming home back to the drawingboard and back to normal. I can identify with you on this. It happened when I returned from the Pratt SILS trip to Washington, DC this past semester. When the bus returned to New York, I was like, oh boy!

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